The Powerful Full Moon / New Moon Spell

The Full Moon and the New Moon as you probably will know, occurs roughly once a month (2 weeks apart) and is regarded by all as the most magically powerful time to cast spells.

The moon's magical energy is most intense when it reaches both
fullness and full darkness.
Any magic spell cast at this time, especially difficult situations,
can benefit greatly from the potency of this phase.

Take advantage of the Full Moon's / New Moon's power to amplify your spell casting!

We can help you decide or you can choose which moon you would like
Full Moon or New Moon.

The spell of your choice cast on the night of this months full moon or new moon
just £109.99 £89.95

Secure your Full Moon / New Moon Spell now for £109.99 £89.95


How It Works

  • Pay just £109.99£89.95 for your full moon / new moon spell!
  • We guarantee to cast your spell on the evening of the full moon or new moon!
  • Any spell from any category on our website!
  • Any customised spell for any area of your life!
  • Book early as limited places available!
  • Spell must be booked at least 24hrs before the day of the moon!

A coven member will contact you by email within 24hrs. This is the time to tell us your exact spell requirements.